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ROCK THE WORLD – Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band

ROCK THE WORLD – Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band

ROCK THE WORLD – Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band


2020 – color – 46’


Direction: Federico Giannace

Camera: Kemstyle, Mosè Ferrari, Ismo, Vincenzo D’Onofrio, Federico Giannace

Sound: Adriano Lavitola, Vincenzo Morello

Music: Richie Stephens and The SKA Nation Band

Voices Over: Fae Ellington, Rosamond Brown

With: Herbie Miller, Elaine Wint Leslie, Doctor Sonjia, Stanley Niaah, Doctor Leachim Semaj, David Rodigan, Lampa Dread, Toots Hibbert, Freddie McGregor, Mutabaruka, Ken Boothe, Neville Lindo, Wee Pow, Sud Sound System, Sean Paul, Gentleman

Producers: Richie Stephens, Rankin Lele, Papa Leu

Production: Pot of Gold, Adriatic Sound

World Sales: Summerside International



In 2015, Jamaican Grammy award winning singer and producer Richie Stephens started speaking with Italian reggae singer and producer duo Rankin Lele and Papa Leu about a new musical mission. In a time where complex musical mashups and crossing genres are the norm, they focus on the simplicity of the sweet ska sound and crossing cultures. Richie Stephens & Ska Nation Band is Jamaica and Italy coming together in the mighty name of Ska.

Ska is the second sound originated in Jamaica, but the first to sweep the world internationally. Fittingly, in April 2016, Richie Stephens & the Ska Nation Band released its first album Internationally, and began blazing a trail of fyah-full performances from the Jamaica Sumfest stage in 2017 to Germany’s Summerjam slot in 2018.

Rock The World is the first tribute to this amazing Jamaican-Italian creative collaboration!

The Band: Richie Stephens (Lead Vocal), Tammi T (Backing Vocals), Rankin Lele (Voice), Papa Leu (Voice and Guitar), Luca Manno (Saxophone), Gianluca Ria (Trombone), Gaetano Carrozzo (Trombone), Giancarlo Dell’ Anna (Trumpet), Andrea Perrone (Trumpet), Antonio Fossa (Drum), Maestro Garofalo (Keyboards), Otty Lewis (Keybords), Leo Klaus (Bass), Morello Selecta (dj & machine)